Aims and Scope


Advances in the Standards & Applied Sciences journal is an appropriate platform for offering new views, ideas and theories in the field of standards. this journal effort to Providing suitable contexts to understand the nature and structure of standards and Publishing the findings of systematic problem-oriented research works in science, technology, biotechnology, process, product and system design and engineering with a special emphasis on the standards for all the procedures applied in different industrial sections. tring to meet the scientific and specialized needs of the country Providing an opportunity for scientific and practical dialogue in the field of standards and materialize the scientific and specialized needs of the country in the field of standards are other of ASAS journal aims.


journal Scopes  

    • Standardization
    • Standards in research, development and production
    • Technology
    • Biotechnology
    • Product and system design
    • Process
    • Quality control
    • Engineering & Technology
    • Chemistry & Materials
    • Food Sciences
    • Quality Assessment & Management System

Article Type

    • Original paper
    • Review Article
    • Technical notes