Standardization challenges in the IOT and AI era

Document Type : Letter to Editor


electrical engineering research group, technology and engineering research center, standard research institute


The Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are being increasingly utilized in industrial, household and business sectors expected to change many aspects of the human life. As the nearly infinite possibilities unveil, many people even the expert ones, feel threatened [1, 2]. Calls to manage the risks or restrict the growth of these new trends, make us think about how severely the implications of this growth may change our lives. Human is being surrounded by AI enabled devices which are capable of communicating to each other through IOT. This combination sounds even more threatening than AI or IOT alone. In fact, we are at the edge of believing to be manipulated rather than making use of these newly emerging technologies. This note concerns the role standardization bodies have in this situation. Standards have been widely used to ensure that specific goals (including user safety, environmental compatibility, sustainable development [3], etc.) are fulfilled for a product or service. With IOT and AI appearing in almost any technological product, we have new concerns. Some of the most important of these concerns are listed below [4-6].


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