Innovation Promotion through Standards Development

Document Type : Letter to Editor


Textile and leather Research group


Over the last three decades, there has been some research on the relationship between innovation and standardization [1]. There are, according to the different organizations regarding the type, sector, maturity level, or size, different types of innovations (e.g. product, service, process, model, and method) ranging from incremental to radical, or the different types of approaches (e.g. internal and open innovation, user-, market-, technology- and design-driven innovation activities). Some important questions in these studies are such as:
- Is standardization an innovation enabler or an innovation barrier?
- How can an organization find and maintain the correct balance between standardization and innovation during times of organizational change?
- What is the interrelation between standardization and the concepts of open and responsible innovation?
- Are companies active in standardization more successful in winning public procurement contracts?
Research has discovered that standardization plays a facilitative role in innovation by enabling scalability, verification, and coordination [2].


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