Transformation in the quality of lexicography with the entry of international standards (ISO’s documents (into this field: a case study of English, Persian and Arabic dictionaries

Document Type : Case Report


The Academy of Persian Language and Literature


In this article, by examining three dictionaries - the Comprehensive dictionary of the Persian Language; Oxford Dictionary; Al-Munjid Dictionary - from three authentic languages, English, Persian, and Arabic, we find that the ways of presenting entries, definitions, and overall information provided to users are different from each other in these dictionaries; this is the challenge facing compilers of print and online dictionaries. Considering that part of the input data of the translation machines represents dictionary of different languages, these different methods of compilation downgrades the performance of the translation machines, besides, they sometimes create insoluble challenges and difficulties for users. Unifying the way of compiling printed and online dictionaries with the help of ISO’s documents can be a solution to this problem. In this article, we will specifically discuss the function and necessity of using the ISO’s documents in the field of lexicography, which is currently being compiled and edited in a working group “TC 37/SC 2/WG 9” and is known as “ISO 1951:2007 Presentation representation of entries in dictionaries / revision”.


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